Are you a Positive Fool?

When you come across a new philosophy that seems like the greatest discovery ever…don’t assume anything. Don’t assume that because it was complicated and took a great deal of reflection or explanation to grasp this new point of view that this makes it true. Stand there in this new perspective for a little while taking…

Rug Cleaning…In a Slightly Unconventional Way

I hate wall to wall carpeting, but have at least one large area rug in every room. I like to thoroughly clean these rugs at least yearly, but do not like drowning the floor or dragging the rugs outside to shampoo in the drive. The method I prefer is a bit tacky, but very effective….

Pizza Recipe for the Slow Cooker

Pizza in the slow cooker? Yes, the slow cooker! This is a family favorite I came up with several years ago. We take it everywhere, camping, pot lucks and neighbors in need of a good meal. It is an easy gift, alone as a basket or to dress up a slow cooker. My husband is…

Healthy Biscuit Mix Recipe

I love to use biscuit mix for so many different recipes, but I am also concerned about using healthy oils and ingredients. This is a very large batch so feel free to cut these measurements in half if you feel like you won’t be using as much as our family does. Biscuit Mix 16 cups…

5 Day 4 Night Family Vacations for Under $250

I have set a goal of $250 for 4 night holiday vacation….I know it is very low BUT I enjoy trying to plan the best trip for the least amount of money! We are going to San Antonio and the neighboring German regions that surround San Antonio.