Pizza Recipe for the Slow Cooker

Pizza in the slow cooker? Yes, the slow cooker!
This is a family favorite I came up with several years ago. We take it everywhere, camping, pot lucks and neighbors in need of a good meal. It is an easy gift, alone as a basket or to dress up a slow cooker. My husband is a professor and I love to infect the dorms with mini slow cookers and this recipe.

About 1 ½ cups Biscuit mix to ½- ¾ cup water for the “crust”
A 16 ounce jar or 2 cups of homemade Pizza sauce
Cheese and other toppings

 Start with your favorite biscuit mix; we use a homemade clone recipe with mostly whole wheat flour.

Mix up a batch for the size of your slow cooker and number of people eating. Add enough water to make a large sticky ball.

Oil your cooker and pour some of the sauce on the bottom then stretch your dough ball out to almost the edge of the cooker but not touching the sides.Pour the remaining sauce over the dough so it will float and cook like a dumpling in the sauce.

Next top with precooked meats and favorite pizza toppings and mozzarella or a blend of your favorite cheeses. Cook for 2 hours on high or until the center is cooked

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  1. Fawn Orr says:

    This is awesome. i work with the developmentally chalanged an handicap in a group home a few nights a week an as a companion during the day. i am always trying to come up with things to cook on the run.(I worked 73hrs this week) I sometimes only have about 2hrs between 1 job an the next so this is cool do you think alfraido sauce would also work? A few times i cook for the group home an 2 have tomato allergies so i make white sauces etc,,, when the menus calls for pizza or something w/red sauce.. Email is or i am on FB Fawn Orr in Bradenton fl..

  2. Rosemary says:

    I think that any sauce would work….I haven’t tried it in the slow cooker, but we enjoy chicken ranch pizza with ranch dressing in place of the tomato sauce and bacon and chicken as the topping. I do a sweet version of this with Jiffy muffin mix in the center of fruit with some brown sugar and a little butter….happy slow cooking while you nap 🙂

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